Resolutions of the Commission for Education of the Latinamerican Parliament in relation with this project.

This is a draft translation to English. The whole text can be read in Spanish in the original acts, that can be seen in the Web Page of the Latinamerican Parliament:



XVI Meeting of the Commission for Cultural Affairs, Education, Science and Technology
Place: La Havana, Cuba - Date: 10 to 13 July  2002

- POINT 6: The Project of International Communication with Signs and the Intercultural Education: its application to the education in values. Presentation by the Director of the project, Mr. Xabier Prado.

After finishing the deliberations the plenary of the Commission approved the following points:

a) To support the proposal for the development of a poetic anthology for the education in values with international signs;
b) To hold at the Web Page of the Latinamerican Parliament a space that makes reference to the project, in its relationship with the Education Plan,  in order to foster its application;

c) To encourage the Parliaments that are members of the Parlatino, by their intermediation other national organisms, and also international entities, to consider the fostering of the knowledge and using of the international signs at the teaching centers as web as in other institutions; and,
 e) To request the proper organs from the Latinamerican Parliament for their support as  it should be needed to implement those decisions completely.


XIX Meeting of the Commission for Cultural Affairs, Education, Science and Technology

Salvador, Bahia - Brazil - Date: 2 to 5 de December 2003

It is adopted with the character of RESOLUTION that the Technical Coordinator of the PARLATINO will make the corresponding consults with UNESCO in order to include at the I Interparliamentary Conference in Culture a demonstration of the Project of communication with signs. With this purpose Mr. Xabier Prado would prepare local students.

It is also agreed that the Commission and its members will make all their efforts to contribute to the spreading of the project through the proper channels and the corresponding PARLATINO organs, at the national parliaments level as well as at the interparliamentary organizations. It was also approved to put the corresponding link at the Web Page of the PARLATINO, as well as at the one that is being built jointly with UNESCO for the virtual functioning of the Interparliamentary Conference in Education.