The year 2001 was declared European Year of Languages, and there were a lot of activities in the most important european cities for the multilingual sensibilization and the fostering of language learning.    

    In September, and invited by the Town of Barcelona, 7 schools from Galice and Portugal took part in an activity that was organized by the UNESCO Center of Catalonia and the UNESCO-Associated schools from Barcelona for the City Feasts "La Mercé", in the great avenue "Passeig de Grácia".

    They presented a show with the title "From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean", where every school featured a text from an atlantic culture in its original version and with universal signs.

    The texts were Poems, Theatre, Songs and National Anthems.

    The lands (and their languages) were: Galice (in Galician), Portugal and Brazil (in Portuguese), Senegal (in Wolof), Nigeria (in Ioruba).



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