Signograms are used to write the gestures.

The signogram informs us also on how to make the gesture with our hands.

   A signogram is made by several lines:

     -Position (and viewpoint).

           1/  front view: as when looking at a mirror,                 2/ side or   3/ upper view: as in a photograph

     -Shape of the main hand (the one we move)

            the RIGHT HAND for right-handed persons,                 the left hand for left-handed ones

            when we need both hands to make the gesture, both of them are drawn and the principal hand is the most active.

     -Movement (and changes of shape)

            the hands are drawn at THE END of the gesture

            the movements are made TOWARDS the drawn HAND

            a small line at the beginning of the movement line means that the hand is closing its shape

            a small line at the end of the movement line means that the hand is opening its shape

   Gloss of texts  

        It is possible to see several examples of glossed texts, as well as foreign language lessons.

        You can make very easy your own glossed texts.

        It consists of writing the signograms over the main words of a text. You can make this manually, writing the signs directly on paper, or else authomatically with the program for texts in your computer. YouŽll need the Fonts for the signs in order to do the last.

        The signograms help us then to recognise the ideas in a text that is written in an unknown language.


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