You can learn some basic expressions in foreign languages with the help of the universal signs. The procedure is common to all languages, making learning easier. While we pronounce the unknown words, we make at the same time the corresponding universal signs. We get so soon familiarized with its meaning. When we hear  the word again, our memory will remember the sign and we will so know the meaning without a dictionary. And what is perhaps more important: When we want to say something in the foreign language and we make the sign, then our memory will bring us back the word without making mental translations.

    We propose 12 lessons, in two groups:

    -Daily Life                         -School Subjects

    You can make your own lessons without difficulty, and send them us. We will add them with the other lessons in this same web. To do so, write the text in a language that you know well, and then add to it the universal signs. Send it as an attached document to:

    If  it is possible for you to make it, please make also a record with your voice reading the texts that you wrote. Save it in MP3 format and send it also to the same address. People that use your lesson will be able so to know how to spell the texts.



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