"CAPIRE": Anthem of the World March of Women

Information from:  http://www.marchemondiale.org/en/chanson.html

Karen Young, one of the composers of the musical theme, used the verses written by the women of the world to put together the international song for the March. The song is in 20 languages. At least one phrase from each country that answered the invitation was included. 

"In the spring of 2000, we invited women from the participating groups to write their own verses using the World March musical theme. We received over 40 songs from 23 countries. Some groups even sent us a recording of their song. It was so inspiring to hear the different rhythms and sounds! "

Karen Young, Janet Lumb and a chorus will sing the international song on stage in New York on October 17, 2000.

Text of the song, with an english translation

Incorporating the universal gestures to the song  "CAPIRE"

There are in the world more than 5.000 “mother languages” in risk of disappearance against the most prestigious languages. The simultaneous communication with the universal signs (GESTUNO), wich do not compete with any spoken language, allows the mother languages to exist at the international level, as well as to incorporate expression and affectiveness, and also to help at the deaf people´s social integration.

The Co-education Group of Vigo, for the World´s March meeting in Mai 22, 2004 in this spanish town, has made the following proposal: to incorporate the universal signs to the Anthem of the World March of Women, in order to keep every sentence in their original language.

To see the song with the universal signs

Make Clic on every sign to see the corresponding video, and on the numbers to hear the parts of the song


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