The initial collection of Gestuno holds 1500 signs. The proposal of YoGoTe is inspired by 600 of these gestures, enlarging their possible meanings up to 2400 for school use.   

    For other uses, the vocabulary could be enlarged in the following ways, which are not mutually exclusive:

    -Adding more Gestuno signs (even so, the 1500 Gestuno signs would not cover all the basic words that are needed).

    -Adding new signs (in accordance with the signs that the World Deaf Federation eventually creates during the development of the International Sign Language, ISL)

     -Joining together two or more signs (in fact, many of the Gestuno signs that were discarded are double signs, and for this reason they are not used at the basic YoGoTe proposal for schools)

    -Creating several auxiliary signs, as a kind of "generic modificators" (Gestuno, for example, presents as such the signs for "building" and "proffession". These signs, joined to the signs for "money", mean "Bank" and "banker")



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