The YoGoTe project proposes the use of universal signs at  school level or at a very basic communication level, that we could name as "survival level". If we want to open the scope of the project to other levels of international communication, then we must bear in mind the fact that the existing languages have very different grammars.

    The Gestuno signs, from a grammatical point of view, are "iconic" signs, that is to say, bearing lexical but not grammatical information.

    The investigations around the concept of Universal Grammar, begun by Noam Chomsky, could perhaps allow us to add  some minimal grammatical information to the YoGoTe universal signs in order to:

    -Express the role of the gestual "icons" in the grammar of the original language (speaker)

    -Bear a general grammatical information that can help people from other languages (listeners) to understand better the meaning of the text.



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